Refund Policy

United Soft Technical services LLC. works for 100% customer satisfaction. We have a talented and efficient technical support team. We ensure quality services and solid solution to all your pc related problems. We keep any dissatisfactory service out of our scope.
Still if at point of time, in any particular case, you feel the need to cancel the service plan because of any dissatisfactory solution to your problem. You can raise a refund request and we will be happy to process your refund if we are unable to resolve your issue in a given time span. The refund initiation will be done after a set of processes including plan reviewing and genuineness of the refund request.
The refund will also depend on following conditions:

  • In case of incident plans no refund will be initiated from our end
  • For requesting a full refund for long term plans it should fulfil the 10 days money refund scheme.
  • According to 10 days money back schemes you can request a refund if United Soft Technical Services is unable to solve any of your problems within the 10 days of payment.
  • However, if we have already resolve some of your problems (one or more ), the refund will be initiated only after deducting the fee for already provided services.
  • Once the particular problem is resolved, no refund will be initiated after 10 days of it.
  • If any problem is beyond the scope of your plan, no refund can be initiated for that.
  • You are eligible to raise a refund request only if you were equipped by every means required for solving the issue and, it was we who lack somewhere in resolving the issue.

Moreover, the refund is solely a case dependent matter. The refund process or service fee may differ case to case depending on various factors.