Virus Removal

Viruses are malicious programs

Viruses are malicious programs that enter your computer or device through emails, internet downloads or other external media devices with the purpose of data/ information theft, hacking and to make your life miserable. There are tons of viruses seeking to exploit and breach security loopholes in order to access private information from your computers and hamper the functioning of your machinery. Some viruses make your computer run slow others track your personal information and provide hackers and cyber criminals with access to all of it.

Hackers infect our computers with viruses in order to:

  • Steal personal information
  • Gain access to computer information like saved passwords, email accounts, profile imitation on social platforms, browsing history, etc.
  • Get hands on bank account or credit card information

What We Do:

  • Installation of best quality antivirus software
  • Scanning, diagnosis, and removal of spyware/malware/adware/viruses
  • Trojan Horse Removal and security
  • Updating the latest antivirus software definitions
  • Secured browser installation and internet surfing
  • Blocking of suspicious activities like browser pop-ups
  • Schedule regular scans of your PC and other devices to automatically remove malware, so that you are always safe when online
  • Provide protection from hackers and safeguard your online identity
  • Protection from Hacking and Phishing
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